About Dosslarb

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Our Purpose/Passion

Youth opens to discuss and share about sex education and well-being in their community

Let's reach our goal


  • Low awareness of sexuality education among youth in Cambodia, especially women
  • Social Norm, women are shy and do not dare to speak out about sexual and reproductive health
  • It is considered as an inappropriate discussion topic; hence, leading to insufficiency and misunderstanding


  • Build Media Platform where young people can access conveniently and trustfully 
  • Produce regular contents and keep engagement with audiences
  • Represent voices of youth, especially women form a community encouraging discussion among women

core values


Accepting new Ideas


Support each other


Give critical feedback and communicate

Meet our founders


Saosopheakneath BUN

Marketing and Business development​

Sopheakneath is media management graduate who wants to use her knowledge and skills to encourage young women to talk and express themselves. Encouraging exists in many forms; and Neath has chosen the approach of motivation, opportunity, and ability. Through this method, she hopes that women can connect, access, and practice their knowledge regarding sexual and reproductive health. Therefore, Dosslarb hopes to become a door and a bridge linking youth to credible and trustful information. Come with us to build a strong community!

Solydeth SENG

Video Producer

Solydeth is a graduate student from the Department of Media and Communication, batch 15. Due to the fact of not able to talk openly about sexual and reproductive health in Cambodian society, Solydeth did not receive effective knowledge as well as other youths, especially women. Solydeth believes that creating a multimedia platform enhances more understanding of sexual and reproductive health. When someone does not want you to talk about any specific topic, you are absolutely wanting to talk about it. So let’s go and talk together!


Admin and Finance​

Ratha earned her bachelor degree in accounting and finance from CamEd university. She also earned her certified accounting technician (CAT) during her graduation. Currently, she is on her path to pursue ACCA. She has 1 year experience working as an associate auditor in Deloitte (Cambodia) where she had the chance to expose herself to a diverse business clients such as banks, micro-finances and investment property.

Socheata HING

Digital and Content Creator​

Socheata is passionate about writing and visual design. After being experienced in journalist fields, she started to be open-minded to new topics. However, one of her favorite topics is sexual and reproductive health. That is the reason why she started her journey with her friends to establish Dosslarb. Socheata graduated from the Department of Media and Communication, Royal University of Phnom Penh. She is inspired to promote women’s rights. That’s why Cheata brings new ideas and concepts to advance women with Dosslarb.

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